Web Space Resellers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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We've all heard of the proverbial middle man. A web space reseller is one, working either directly or indirectly for a web hosting company. The buyer might or might not be aware that the reseller is a reseller rather than a provider. These reselling contracts--that is, between company and agent--vary. The principle is usually based on some kind of commission.

Reselling Arrangements
In one arrangement, the reseller is essentially an agent for the hosting company. The reseller is usually in a related business, such as web development or design. I, for example, was once an active reseller. Had I stayed in the web design field, I would be one today. The fact is, though my primary business is print publishing, I remain a desultory reseller. I recommend my own web host--by name--to others, and get points (read a free month of hosting) for every client I send to my host, provided the person remembers to mention my name.

In another arrangement, the reseller is more of a marketer or salesman, the classic middle man. The reseller touts (read actively advertises) the product (meaning hosting plans offered by the hosting company) and sends potential customers on to the company. At that point, the customer deals only with the company.

In yet another arrangement, just as common as the referral agent, unless more so, the reseller sets up shop essentially independently. He or she sells web space under his or her name. This type of contract entails the reseller getting not only a fiscal cut of the web hosting fee but also the administrative burden. That is, the reseller negotiates and handles technical support, billing, and related issues. Another way of putting it is that the reseller acts as a web hosting company in her or his own right.

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