Website Monitoring Tools

Written by Linda Alexander
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Website monitoring tools have a variety of important applications in today's e-commerce enabled world. Companies can monitor their employees' activities on the Web with software that records all Internet and email activity that happens on company computers. Similar software is available so parents can monitor their children's web use.

Tools Help Businesses Monitor the Competition

Other tools will monitor a competitor's website and alert you whenever something changes. This is useful when you want to stay ahead of your competition or simply track their activities through online news reports. Then, there are monitoring tools that measure your company's site performance, verify uptime, and alert you if your site or servers ever go down.

Tools like these range from the very basic to the very complex. Simpler ones can be found on the Web for free. If you're a small business, this is probably adequate, but larger companies need more complex metrics and real time reporting. Even if your site is up and running 99 percent of the time, that one percent that it is down can cause you to lose thousands of dollars.

If you don't want to purchase monitoring tools and train your IT people on them, there are website services that will monitor your site automatically, 24/7. If anything goes wrong they will alert you immediately by email or pager. (Of course, if your email is down you'll need to be alerted by pager.) No matter what your needs for website monitoring, it's important to have a plan in place in case any parts of your website or servers ever fail.

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