Website Performance

Written by Linda Alexander
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Network monitoring refers to monitoring things like email and web servers, FTP servers, DNS, and routers or firewalls. Network monitoring providers are usually the same companies that monitor your website performance. For all intents and purposes, any website that is larger than one page is its own network. It's important that all your hardware systems and internet devices work together properly.

Any company that has an e-commerce website can benefit from website and network monitoring. If any of your Internet devices fails, chances are your business will halt temporarily. If left alone, these performance issues could ruin your relationships with your customers and cause you to lose business. It's imperative to react quickly and to be proactive and prevent problems.

Monitoring service providers work by connecting to your site and devices remotely. Many people make the mistake of believing that if everything works in-house, it must also work outside. This is simply untrue. That is why it is important to evaluate performance from wherever people access your site or network. For many businesses, this requires testing from two or three checkpoints around the world.

Prepare for Growth

In today's economy, you need your networks and websites to be available at all times. Having them continuously monitored will help you locate potential problems and correct them before they even happen. It can also help determine how scalable your hardware systems are and whether you will need to upgrade as your company grows.

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