Gap Year Programs

    The best part about gap year programs is that you can still apply to the schools of your choice. Complete your applications as you would if you were going to attend directly after high school. Once you've been accepted, you can choose to defer for a year in order to complete your gap year.

    Gap Year Programs Everywhere!

    There are great programs available all over the country. Attending a program abroad is a fantastic way to explore the world while still traveling under the supervision of a professional. Try and choose a destination you wouldn't normally choose as a travel spot. You might learn a lot about yourself in the process.

    The next year when you return to begin college, you'll be more mentally and physically prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Many advisory agencies offer a variety of pre-planned gap year programs. You can plan your own as well, but there's a lot more work involved.

    Some students become paranoid that taking a year off means they will fall behind. Taking advantage of a gap year does not mean you'll be a year further behind in college than your high school classmates. In fact, it takes the average student five years to graduate anyways!