Keyboard Lessons

    Keyboard lessons are an investment that will pay off in the long run, regardless of whether or not you end up working in the music business. Just knowing how to sight read and play by ear gives you an invaluable skill for the rest of your life. Whether you're interested in entertaining others or just playing for your own pleasure, you'll always have an outlet for your musicality whenever there's a piano or keyboard present.

    The skills you learn as a kid or adolescent can help form the basis of a lasting education. Mastering scales, voicings, chord progressions, and keys is de rigeur for anyone taking keyboard lessons. Even if these tasks seem more like chores, they're an indispensable part of any training, as learning new songs, improvising, or composing your own original pieces from scratch all require competency in these areas.

    Beyond Keyboard Lessons

    If you've taken piano or keyboard lessons your whole life, you may need a more rigorous course of study if you plan to continue improving your craft. Your goal may be to diversify your repertoire by learning Afro-Celt or salsa. You may, on the other hand, lean toward jazz and blues. Whatever your personal preference may be, there are music schools that are dedicated to helping you expand on your existing knowledge.

    Beyond technical proficiency, there are several important areas that demand attention if you to hope make it as a professional keyboardist or pianist. Networking, gigging, and job-hunting are all realities with which even the most competent performers are acquainted. If your reading skills, songwriting ability, and improvisational flair are all up to snuff and you're still having difficulty making inroads, it may well be that you need to focus on these non-musical (but equally crucial) areas. Unfortunately, all the keyboard lessons money can buy won't hone your ability to land studio gigs and other backing work, which is where music schools enter the picture.