Auto Repair Schools

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Auto repair schools offer training in the basics of the auto repair field, allowing students to gain the skills necessary to become an auto repair technician. However, many workers who might be interested in a career move to the field of auto repair may be discouraged by the time required to undergo auto repair training, as well as the time spent traveling to and from classes, which may not even meet at a convenient time. As an alternative, many future auto repair technicians chose to learn their trade online via distance learning courses.

Auto repair distance learning courses offer fully accredited training in the field, which students can undergo at a pace and schedule that is compatible with their schedules. Classes are held online, where students can examine and study lesson materials. Their progress in these studies is monitored through course work, projects, and tests. Most programs also offer instructor support for students with concerns or problems in the courses. Many distance learning courses in auto repair can also be conducted as mail order correspondence programs for students who don't have access to an online connection.

Online Auto Repair Schools

Online programs in auto repair education allow students to complete their education in a timeframe compatible with their work schedule. While distance learning programs in the auto repair field can generally be completed in one year, students are not required to be bound to that timeframe for completion of the course, and are allowed to move through the training program at their own pace.

Auto repair schools prepare students for a career as an auto repair technician by offering training in such fields as automotive repair, engine construction and disassembly, axles and alignment, and transmission components. Students also complete courses about automotive electrical systems, braking systems, automotive computer controls, and fuel and exhaust systems.

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