Automotive Repair Training

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Auto repair technician is one of the most popular career options in the automotive repair field. While it may seem difficult to enroll in an automotive repair training course if you're currently working another job, programs now allow students to telecommute, taking courses online at their own pace. Students gain their diploma in automotive repair after passing their final tests, which are usually conducted online, by mail, or by phone.

Distance learning programs in automotive repair, such as online and correspondence courses, provide students with the training necessary to develop the skills of the profession. Without any previous experience in the field, distance learning automotive repair students can complete a thorough education in the field in under a year. However, because a student's current job as well as other personal obligations may limit their available study time, the programs are not required to be completed in that short of a time. Most courses allow students to proceed at their pace.

Automotive Repair Training Careers

After completing a training course, many students become auto repair technicians. Job opportunities for this career entail working for an established garage, or other auto-related organization. An automotive repair diploma also launches many technicians on the way to founding their own automotive repair businesses. This often begins when technicians work as self-employed contractors, doing work for-hire.

Students who complete automotive repair training develop an understanding of auto repair and maintenance, engine assembly, fuel and electrical systems, and automotive computer controls. Because over 20 percent of auto repair technicians are self employed, many programs also offer courses in business, management, and customer service designed to help students develop the additional skills they'll need, should they decide to go into business for themselves.

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