Career Assessments

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Career assessments have gained popularity in just the past few years, especially in the wake of 9/11. Since then, more and more people have realized that life is too short to spend mired in a miserable job simply because it pays the bills. Consequently, these folks have pondered and taken active steps toward career changes.

Taking career assessments can confirm a lot of what you already know, but it can also open up avenues you might never have thought to explore. You may know, for instance, that you want to make more than just a "comfortable" living. You may also know that you prefer jobs in which you work with people, not on your own. You may not know, however, that your other tastes and preferences indicate that a career in the service sector is your ideal fit.

What Career Assessments Measure

Career assessments gauge several different things at once. Often, they're meant to tell you more about your innate strengths and weaknesses, which is obviously important. At the same time, they also measure the values you hold dear, not only in the type of work you ultimately choose, but in the types of people you work with.

Because these career assessments make different types of determinations about who you are, it's best to take more than one in order to get a fair reading. In the end, you can synthesize all the info you've gathered and make meaningful choices about how you live your life. Many people end up staying in their current line of work, but just as many opt for a totally new direction.

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