Home Inspector Courses

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Home inspection is a growing field, offering many employment opportunities with large corporations, small businesses, government organizations, and third-party contractors. There are also increasing career options for independent, self-employed home inspectors, who conduct their inspections on a for-hire basis. In addition to knowledge related to construction and building materials, home inspectors are also expected to be familiar with the numerous regulations and codes applicable to the environment of the structure they're inspecting. These regulations often vary depending on state and local laws. Home inspector courses train students to recognize the requirements of all their duties, and to conduct inspections accordingly. Some students might chose to take additional specialized classes relating to certain home inspector opportunities.

Home inspectors examine structures, such as homes, hotels, restaurants, and other buildings, in order to validate the structure's compliance with building codes, zoning ordinances, and other safety concerns. This can also include determining if the proper quality of building supplies were used, as well as verifying the general structural integrity of an establishment. Home inspectors can be employed by several different types of businesses.

Topics of Home Inspector Courses

Construction companies as well as architecture firms often employ home inspectors in order to determine that their prospective building projects will not violate any state or local laws. The organizations also enlist the assistance of home inspectors to ensure the quality and safety of their structures. Home inspectors usually review the initial building plans, and conduct examinations at several key points during the construction process. They alert the builders to any potential dangers or violations, and can often suggest ways to remedy the error.

Real estate agencies also employ home inspectors in order to confirm the legal and safety compliance of the houses they sell, as well as to determine the integrity of any buildings they might buy. However, home inspectors can also work for the same government organizations that draft the various zoning ordinances and construction codes that guide their work. The main duties of home inspectors working in this field is to protect the general public by ensuring the upkeep of building codes and ordinances. These inspectors are also responsible for detecting and punishing proprietors who violate those regulations.

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