Home Inspector Schools

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There are a variety of home inspection related jobs available to people with the right training and skills. Home inspectors can work for a variety of businesses, including architecture firms, real estate companies, third-party contractors, construction companies, and government organizations. Because the position is directly related to a number of laws and regulations, it is important that home inspectors have the education necessary to keep up with the requirements of the field. This education can be gained through post-secondary training in the field, which can now be completed via distance learning courses taken online.

Home inspectors have the responsibility of examining homes, buildings, and other structures in order to ensure that their construction complies with building codes, zoning ordinances, and other applicable regulations. Building codes and related regulations are usually determined by the state, so the specifics can vary with the region. However, there are a few basic elements of home inspection that apply to most cases. Home inspectors examine a building's structural integrity, as well as any additional safety concerns that might be involved, such as electrical wiring.

Distance Learning Home Inspector Schools

Many home inspectors are employed by government organizations, and work to verify the compliance of specific structures with building codes and regulations. However, many construction, architecture, and real estate companies also use home inspectors in order to ensure that all of their ventures are conducted in accordance with the law.

Home inspector schools provide the education necessary for work in both government and private sectors. In addition, some home instruction schools also offer business courses designed to enable students to learn how to start their own business, and work as a self-employed independent subcontractor for real estate, construction, and architecture firms.

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