Medical Assistant Schools

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There are a wide variety of medical assistant employment options available to people with proper training and experience in the field. Medical assistant schools provide students with the classes and materials necessary to develop the skills used in various medical assistant positions. Although the specifics of each medical assistant job can vary according to the work environment, training programs and schools offer a foundation of general knowledge in the field. As students advance, they can also take additional courses related to the duties of medical assistants in specific positions.

Medical assistants work in hospitals, clinics, private physician practices, and other healthcare organizations. Their main duties are to assist physicians and healthcare providers in dealing with patients, as well as general administrative and clerical work related to healthcare. Medical assistant schools provide training in basic healthcare terminology and procedures, as well as courses focusing on the administrative and customer-service oriented aspects of the job.

Medical Assistant School Skills and Training

The role of medical assistant often entails both clinical and clerical duties. The majority of medical assistants work in a generalized capacity, but some larger organizations may employ assistants who specialize in a particular field. The basic administrative duties of a medical assistant involve the preparation and review of patient documents, such as medical records, processing insurance information, and general office maintenance. Clinical tasks can include collecting and filing lab specimens, assisting physicians with examinations by preparing the patient, and conducting basic lab tests on specimens.

The restrictions and guidelines detailing which duties can be entrusted to medical assistants vary from state to state. However, many medical assistant schools provide basic training, which can then be augmented with additional classes in areas related to a specific discipline. Although accreditation in this field is not yet required by law, many organizations prefer that applicants have completed courses at a medical assistant school training program.

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