Medical Transcriptionist Course

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Medical transcriptionists work with physicians and other health care professionals to maintain accurate, useful medical information and records. The position requires both medical knowledge and administrative training, as well as a solid command of composition, English, and grammar. Medical transcriptionists work in hospitals, clinics, physician's offices, and as third-party subcontractors. An increasing number of medical transcriptionists are now telecommuting, working online from their own homes.

Medical transcriptionists compose written records of prerecorded audio dictation from healthcare professionals. These records are used to write medical histories, patient files, and other medical documents. The data is also often used in correspondence between professionals. Transcriptionists listen to the audio data on headphones while typing. They use an audio player that is equipped with a foot pedal that allows them to play, rewind, pause, and advance the audio data without interfering with their typing.

Medical Transcriptionist Course Requirements

While there are few state requirements for medical transcriptionists, most employers prefer applicants who have completed formal training in the field, as it reduces the time and resources required for on-the-job training. Despite the lack of legal standards for the profession, medical transcriptionists in general are expected to have a command of several key skills.

Transcriptionists not only transcribe the audio dictation, but also edit it for grammar and clarity. Because they work with what can potentially be highly significant patient data, they are required to have a thorough understanding of medical terminology, as well as a familiarity with medical procedures. This helps them effectively clarify the dictation without altering any important content. Transcriptionists are also expected to be familiar with medical abbreviations, as all abbreviations are expanded into their proper form in transcripts.

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