Medical Transcriptionist Schools

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There are currently few state guidelines for employment as a medical transcriptionist. However, due to the sensitivity and significance of the information they process on a daily basis, transcriptionists are expected to possess knowledge of several key areas. Because on-the-job training can be a drain on resources, employers favor candidates who already have training in the field.

Medical transcriptionist schools can provide you with the training necessary to qualify for employment in the field. Accreditation, although not yet mandated, is required by an increasing amount of employers. Training in this field covers healthcare, as well as administrative and clerical courses, as medical transcription requires knowledge in all these areas.

Medical Transcriptionist School Courses

Medical transcriptionists create written records based on the audio dictation of healthcare professionals. Using a headset and an audio player, they transcribe the dictation in order to compose patient histories, medical records, physician correspondence, research, and other documents. They are also expected to edit the transcribed data for grammar and composition, as well as alert the healthcare professionals to any possible contradictions or errors.

Transcriptionists also edit the data for clarity, which requires a considerable knowledge of medical terminology and procedure. Training in these fields ensures that the transcriptionist can compose accurate, clear transcriptions. Students of medical transcription also receive training in medical jargon and abbreviations in order to be able to properly translate them into their full form when composing transcripts. In addition to medical terminology, medical transcriptionist schools also review the fundamentals of writing, composition, and grammar. Students also receive the technical training necessary to operate the transcription audio equipment, which is operated with a foot pedal so as not to interfere with the transcriptionist's typing.

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