Paralegal Classes

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Paralegals assist lawyers in several important capacities. They help lawyers assemble the information, documentation, and data needed for legal proceedings including trials, hearings, corporate proceedings, and closings. Paralegals also research all of the materials for each case and provide lawyers with a synopsis of any laws, regulations, decisions, or precedents that are relevant to the topic.

Another key duty of paralegals is to conduct legal investigations and research in order to assist a lawyer with a particular case. This can include research and analyses of documents and cases, as well as field research, such as conducting interviews with individuals relevant to a case. Paralegals might also compose case overviews that lawyers then consult in deciding how to handle a particular case. Other paralegal duties including assisting lawyers in drafting legal documents, such as those related to estate, mortgage, tax, and contract materials.

Benefits of Paralegal Classes

Although paralegals perform many duties in close relation to lawyers, they are still prevented by from carrying out several tasks. Paralegals are not permitted to perform any duties that can be construed as practicing law. This includes representing cases in court, determining legal fees, and dispensing legal advice. However, apart from those legal restrictions on the profession, many paralegals are now being called upon to perform many functions that, until recently, were considered the responsibility of lawyers.

Over the last decade, many law firms have experienced a significant rise in clientele, disproportionate to the number of lawyers in their employment. As a means to manage the increased workload, many firms now assign duties to paralegals that were once associated only with lawyers. Paralegal classes can help students develop not only basic paralegal skills, but also the specialized knowledge required to perform many of the jobs now being entrusted to paralegals instead of lawyers.

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