Pc Repair Schools

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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PC repair schools can help students find better, more rewarding, and higher paying jobs as skilled, technical workers. Online PC repair training programs, offered by accredited distance learning institutions, can help students earn a degree and certification in the field in only nine months. However, distance learning programs allow students to complete courses at their own pace, in compliance with their existing schedules; so it is not required for the programs be completed this quickly.

Students who have completed a PC repair training program have an increased array of job opportunities available to them. While many certified PC repair technicians find work with large organizations, an increasing amount of program graduates are choosing to work for themselves as independent contractors. These students employ their skills in work-for-hire situations, and many use the experience to develop their own PC repair companies.

PC Repair Schools Curriculum

PC repair courses cover a variety of basic and advanced topics, allowing students to develop skills in specialized fields after building a solid foundation in the general topics of PC repair. Students learn how to install and remove computer hardware and software, as well as how to debug and repair devices and programs that not working properly. PC repair training courses then teach students about the basic design and function of prominent computer systems. Students at this level are expected to effectively work inside of the PC case, installing and removing motherboards and other hardware, as well as conducting basic electronic repairs.

As PC repair students advance in their studies, they complete increasingly technical units. Students learn how to detect, manage, protect against, and remove computer viruses at this level. Students also learn how to use diagnostic software to determine the source of PC problems. In the final PC repair units, students learn how to remove, install, and repair CPUs, as well as additional methods of troubleshooting, computer and hardware diagnostics, and prevention.

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