Art Career

Written by Samuel Wong
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If the idea of sitting in a cubicle for 40 or more hours per week does not sound appealing to you, why not consider an art career? A career in the arts can provide you with independence, financial freedom, and the recognition you deserve. With a little bit of hard work and determination, you could even be making more than you ever could at a regular office job.

If you're thinking you can't succeed at an art career because you have no drawing skills whatsoever, think again. An art career isn't limited to drawing or painting. If you are a genius in the kitchen, you could pursue a career in the culinary arts. Think of how exciting it would be to open your own restaurant and serve meals to the stars!

Get Ahead with An Art Career

If your cooking skills are limited to ramen noodles but you know the ins and outs of the most complicated computer drawing program, consider an art career in the graphic design field. The demand for skilled web designers and graphic artists has never been higher. Combining your computer skills and drawing skills can provide you with a lucrative, long-lasting career.

If an art career sounds like a perfect fit for you, but you feel you may not have the skills you need, there are various art schools across the country. Many of the newer schools offer correspondence courses, which are perfect if you're stuck in an eight to five job with no time to attend classroom instruction sessions. These schools allow you to work at your own pace, making it possible to finish school long before your counterparts at conventional schools.

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