Art Composition

Written by Samuel Wong
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Being a good artist is more than just knowing how to draw. By learning about art composition, you can take your artwork to the next level. Simple changes to the way you draw, such as figure placement and color choice can really change your artwork for the better.

Art composition is all about arrangement. Any kind of artwork where the subject is placed directly in the center of the page or canvas often comes across as boring and contrived. In nature, nothing is perfectly centered or balanced. That is what makes it interesting to the eye. By incorporating some imbalance into your artwork, you create visual interest.

Learn about Art Composition

Another aspect of good art composition is the selection of colors used to depict your subject. In nature, there are infinite color possibilities and combinations. Colors have the power to create and convey feelings and emotions. Knowing about which color combinations work best can help your paintings look as though they were painted by the great masters of the past.

Having thorough knowledge of good art composition can strengthen your artistic skills. There are many books and web sites that provide useful artistic composition tips. Critics and collectors the world over look for hints of composition know-how in everyone's artwork. Their eyes know what sells and what ends up in storage. Beef up your portfolio with exercises that show your knowledge of strong composition.

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