Art Drawing

Written by Samuel Wong
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Art drawing has been around since the time when prehistoric man wanted to visualize a successful hunt inside a cave in what is now France. Emotions and ideas that cannot be expressed in words are often conveyed more easily in a drawing. Political cartoons are good examples of drawings being used to make a statement.

You might believe that your art drawing has to be as realistic as those of Da Vinci in order to be considered an artist. In reality, many famous artists used their drawing styles to their advantage. Pop artists like Keith Haring used simple lines to convey action and emotion on the walls of subway stations, sidewalks, and billboards.

Express Yourself with Art Drawing

Art drawing can enhance the personality of your subject matter. Picasso used expressive line and distorted figures to communicate the horrors of war in his Guernica masterpiece. Some people say that if you want a drawing to be super realistic, why not just take a picture?

There are various ways in which you can improve your art drawing skills. You can attend art classes at the local community college or art schools if you have the time. There are various books available that can show you how to become a better drawer. You can also attend classes on the Internet where real artists show you how to change your drawings for the better.

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