Art Education

Written by Samuel Wong
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With the skills you learn from art education, you are able to fit into a variety of job titles. Many conventional artists who draw and paint are branching out into other fields. Many painters also find pleasure creating beautiful photographs. Architectural photographers often enjoy drawing as well.

With an art education, the most difficult part will be narrowing down your field of focus. When I was in school, I thought I wanted to become an interior designer. However, after taking a few drawing classes, I realized that instead of painting people's walls, I wanted to create paintings that would hang on people's walls.

An Art Education Creates Opportunities

No matter what your career, an art education can make you an overall better worker. Learning about art teaches you how to solve problems creatively and in new ways. Some corporate problems cannot be tackled with conventional, "inside the box" thinking.

Even if you're in an administrative position, you can use your art education to climb your way up the corporate ladder. People will start coming to you when they need slide presentations and handouts. Co-workers will come to you with design questions. With a little creativity and clip art, you could find yourself in charge of all office signage! Gone will be the days of the boring, generic, text-only handouts and signs.

Learn How to Draw with an Art Education

With an art education, you'll learn how to use pencils for more than just computerized tests. Knowing how to use line and value to create works of art with the same pencil you used for that history test can really open up your eyes to the possibilities. You can draw out historical battles and scenes with that pencil and really impress the teacher.

You can apply the drawing skills you learned from art education to your career. Many corporations need artwork and illustrations for training manuals. Usually they outsource the work or use outdated clip art for these tasks. Take the initiative and ask if you can head up the Instructional Illustration department. When new employees see that figures and illustrations were made by a co-worker, they are given an immediate sense of pride and community.

Everything Changes with Art Education

Even with a few art education courses, you will begin to notice changes in your ways of seeing. You will know how to arrange furniture in your home and select paint colors that complement each other. Instead of hiring that designer for your child's room, you now have the confidence and determination to do it yourself. You will be inspired to decorate the rooms of your whole house, and perhaps even the rooms of your friends and neighbors. It could be the start of a successful career!

You look at the world differently when you have an art education. Everything your eyes see becomes a potential subject for a drawing or painting. You see beauty in the mundane. The fog on your windshield or the twisted branch of a tree becomes inspiring and energizing. You will see that nature and man made objects are works of art in themselves.

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