Art Lesson

Written by Samuel Wong
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Do you remember your first art lesson? Many of us got our artistic starts when we were handed a box of crayons or a paper plate filled with finger paint. We were free to go wild and draw and create whatever we could think of. No one cared if we colored outside the lines, or if we drew ourselves with bright green hair and purple eyes.

When we made it to elementary school, an art lesson had more to do with fundamentals and rules than self-expression. Sometimes "art time" would involve looking at slides or watching a video. There was no time to experiment using the techniques we just saw on the screen.

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An art lesson in high school or college provided us with more opportunities to express ourselves. In high school, there was usually only about an hour or so devoted to learning and creating art. In college, there was more time for art but also more time for the nerve-racking critique sessions, the part many of us dreaded the most.

For those of us out of college and in the career world, an art lesson can present a welcome change from the ordinary and routine. Spending a little time nurturing your creative side can be relaxing and fulfilling. Whether it's reading a book or taking a class online, your brain and body will benefit from learning about art.

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