Art Perspective

Written by Samuel Wong
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Artists who know about art perspective are experts in creating depth on a flat piece of paper. The concept of perspective can be seen in any picture of a roadway shrinking as it stretches toward the horizon. For some people, the concept is easier seen than done.

The easiest way to integrate art perspective into your paintings or drawings is to observe your surroundings. Looking around your room and noticing how things that are farther away appear smaller is a great way to visualize how perspective should function in your artwork. In your objective paintings and landscape drawings, draw or paint things that are in the distance smaller than the objects that are closer to you.

Look Closely to Learn Art Perspective

If you are drawing buildings or man-made objects, you can use a ruler to put art perspective into your work. Every realistic painting and picture has a vanishing point, where all lines converge. Noticing how the edges of buildings and walls appear to slant away from you can help you determine where the vanishing point should be in your work. Once you have this point plotted, use a ruler to line up the edges with the vanishing point.

When people see a drawing or painting with good art perspective, they get the impression that it was drawn or painted by a skilled artist. It takes a little bit of observation to learn how using perspective can add depth and drama to your artwork. With some practice, your artwork will be hanging on walls everywhere, instead of on the refrigerator!

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