Art Student

Written by Samuel Wong
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It's more difficult to be an art student today than it was in years past. With rising tuition and housing costs, many art students attend school full time and work multiple part time jobs in order to make ends meet. At other schools, art programs are impacted, creating long waiting lists for required classes.

On top of the costs of daily living, an art student also has to find time to finish assignments and create artwork. It is not uncommon for students to drop out or lose interest due to their exhausting school and work schedules. Many students are also discouraged by the notion that their course of study may not result in a lucrative career that is common with more academically oriented studies.

It's Hard To Be an Art Student

It is no longer the norm for students to graduate from school within 4 years. With canceled classes creating packed classrooms, it can take five or six years for an art student to complete his or her required courses. Adding to that stress, a five or six year stay at a university creates a large financial aid bill that must be repaid after graduation.

Luckily, the life of an art student does not have to be as stressful and uncertain as I described. Today, there are specialized art schools and online courses, allowing a student to take classes when it is convenient. There are also fewer required non-art courses, so it won't take as long for an art student to become a job seeker with a degree in art.

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