Written by Samuel Wong
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If your hobby is cartooning, going to art instruction school can turn it into a lucrative career. Even the best cartoonist can benefit from expert guidance and instruction. The best doctors and dentists are always learning new things to stay at the top of their game. It's the same for cartoonists.

Some of the best-known names in cartooning have benefited from art instruction schools and colleges. Charles Schulz, creator of Snoopy and Charlie Brown owed a great deal of his talent and skill to his instructors. Who knows, with a little bit of instruction and practice, your cartoons could be in Sunday papers around the world!

Turn Cartooning into a Career

If you have a child that is interested in cartooning, do not admonish him or her for spending every spare moment doodling and drawing. You should nourish and encourage this talent with books, videos, and classes. He or she can take classes online or by mail to enhance his or her drawing skills while still focusing on schoolwork and homework.

Taking classes in cartooning can make you a better overall artist. Even if painting is your strength, leaving your comfort zone by trying your hand at cartooning can teach you how to approach artistic challenges from different directions. The more you exercise all of your artistic abilities, the better artist you will be.

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