Creative Design

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many well known artists owe their success to creative design. Successful art catches the viewer's eye and provokes thoughts and questions. Today, artists have to think outside the box in order for their work to stand out.

Creative design is all about approaching artistic challenges and obstacles in new ways. There are some simple exercises and activities you can do to get your creative juices flowing. Try viewing problems and difficulties from another point of view. If you're trying to paint a picture of an event that happened in the past, use colors that communicate the emotions of that moment in time.

Using Creative Design

If cooking is your specialty, you can use creative design to make your meals look even more appetizing. Try using brightly colored ingredients like peppers or garnishes to stimulate all of the senses. You can use colored plates or sauces to complement your flavorful masterpieces. For dessert, you can really make a scoop of ice cream stand out when you garnish it with edible flower petals.

If you love drawing, there are tricks you can try to exercise the creative design side of your brain. Try drawing an object or your subject with your non-dominant hand. In a few of my art classes, we frequently started things off with opposite-hand sketches and drawings. The drawings ended up being less controlled and precise than drawings made with our dominant hands, but they were more interesting and appealing.

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