Distance Learning Program

Written by Samuel Wong
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In this age of computers and the Internet, many colleges and universities are adding the option of a distance learning program to their students. Distance learning enables students to learn from home or from their dorm rooms, cutting down on commuter traffic and classroom overcrowding. More advanced class offerings feature teleconferencing and live streaming video.

The basics of a distance learning program involve communication via e-mail or message board or via regular postal mail. Assignments are given out on a regular basis, and students are given a predetermined amount of time to complete them. Afterwards, the students e-mail their completed assignment to the instructor, or post their work on a message board. Other classes may require you to mail in your assignment to be graded and reviewed.

A Distance Learning Program Offers Convenience

Many older students and working students like the convenience of a distance learning program because they can work at their own pace. Some courses of study allow you to take as much time as you need to complete assignments. This is especially appealing if you only have a few days or hours each month to devote to schoolwork.

The easiest way to find schools that offer a distance learning program is to call your local university or community college or look on the Internet. Many schools do not require previous educational experience or lengthy applications, so you can start learning from home right away. What are you waiting for? Get ready to hit the books-and the keyboard!

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