Drawing People

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many art students, myself included, find drawing people to be quite challenging. It's easy to draw inanimate objects due to the fact that they will sit still for hours on end. Corners and curves are also easy to draw on paper when the object you're drawing is man-made.

Drawing people is difficult simply because the human body is so complex. The face alone is made up of an infinite number of angles, curves, and shapes. You have to spend many hours observing and practicing to be able to realistically depict the human form. For some people, this practice period can be very tedious and discouraging.

Drawing People is Challenging

The easiest way to perfect your skills at drawing people is to enroll in a life drawing class. Many colleges and learning annexes offer life drawing courses, where the main focus is learning how to draw people. Most of the time, the model you are drawing is in the nude, so this class isn't the place to be shy.

If you're too busy to attend one of these classes, you can learn about drawing people from books or correspondence schools. These are both great sources for tips and techniques to make the people you draw appear as realistic as the people in a photograph. They say that practice makes perfect, and this is especially true when you're learning how to draw people.

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