Figure Drawing

Written by Samuel Wong
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It takes real talent to draw a good-looking figure drawing. Most of us can only draw stick figures or figures with flat, angular clothes. This isn't a problem if we're in preschool or kindergarten, but if you're older and can only draw stick figures, you should consider getting help.

The key to good figure drawing is all in the way you observe. The more closely you look at the people around you, the more you'll recognize their shapes and sizes. The more familiar you become with the uniqueness of the human body, the easier it will be to render on paper. It's much easier to draw from direct observation than it is to draw from memory.

Figure Drawing Tips

Figure drawing can be a little easier if you break the body up. By looking closely at the human body, you will see that body parts are made up of intersecting shapes and angles. Picture the human body made up of a wire frame, and this concept is a little easier to understand.

If you sketch out your figure using this "wire frame," you can slowly begin to fill out and round out the bends and angles of the figure. This step is the main reason why figure drawing is much easier when it's done with a pencil. With a little bit of tenacity and a lot of practice, you'll be drawing figures as well as your local police sketch artist!

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