Interior Design Programs

Written by Samuel Wong
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With the avalanche of home makeover shows hitting the airwaves, it's only natural that art schools now offer interior design programs. Home improvement is becoming one of the fastest growing industries, and having interior design skills can provide you with a great career. The skills you learn from these programs can put you way ahead of those college students majoring in interior design.

Interior design programs will teach you all about harmonious color choices and optimum furniture arrangement. It takes a trained person to be able to mute the loud tones of avocado green carpet with the right shade of wall paint. People will pay you a lot of money to help you solve their design dilemmas.

Learn Interior Design Programs and Trade Spaces

You will learn how to make a room appear and feel larger in interior design programs. Knowing just where to hang mirrors or lighting can brighten up and make the smallest room seem cavernous and cathedral-like. Framed mirrors can fool the eye into thinking there are windows on every wall in a room. Floor-to-ceiling windows will make a room feel twice as big.

Interior design programs can teach you how to arrange furniture to make a room feel more welcoming and inviting. A lot of today's newer homes present design challenges in the form of great rooms and bonus rooms. Knowing how to divide up these spaces without putting up walls is a skill possessed only by an interior designer.

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