Learn To Draw People

Written by Samuel Wong
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It's sometimes difficult to learn to draw people. They're always in motion, and every person looks different. A technique that may work for drawing one person may not work for another. Artists through the years have drawn and painted the human body in countless different ways.

The most effective way you can learn to draw people is to practice. Take a sketchbook or pad of paper with you wherever you go. Use every spare moment to observe the way people move and pose themselves. It's possible that you'll never end up drawing the same person twice.

Learn to Draw People and Learn to Draw Life

If you live where there is no one nearby, you can still learn to draw people. Many art supply stores sell poseable figures that will help you sketch out the basic shapes and proportions of the human body. You can practice sketching from magazine ads and people on television. You can order books that will provide you with proven people-drawing methods.

When you make the decision to learn to draw people, you are making a commitment to lifelong practice and perfection. The human body can be drawn in millions of different ways. Make it a goal never to draw the same person twice. If that seems impossible, make it a goal never to draw a person in the same way twice. The more you challenge yourself, the better artist you will become.

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