Life Drawing

Written by Samuel Wong
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The most effective way to learn how to draw the human form is by taking classes in life drawing. Art students spend a whole semester drawing the human form in different poses using a wide variety of methods. Many students take multiple courses of life drawing to perfect their drawing skills.

The key to succeeding in any life drawing class is to observe. Spend more time looking at the model or the person you're drawing than you normally would. Rushing through a drawing will result in disproportionate limbs and an overall bad-looking drawing. If you're doing gesture drawings, however, rushing through the drawing is a requirement!

Learn How to See with Life Drawing

You want to pay close attention to the way the light source illuminates the human body. In life drawing, you can use shading and line variance to artistically render the body. I noticed in my life drawing class that I used softer curving lines when drawing a woman, and hard, angular lines when we had a male model.

Another important thing you need to do in your life drawing class is make an effort to have fun. Many students seem to form imaginary competitions with other students, trying to make better drawings that wow the whole class. Everyone has their own artistic style and everyone sees things in different ways. When you take a class in life drawing, you'll see this for yourself.

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