Perspective Drawing

Written by Samuel Wong
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Experienced artists that can draw well have no trouble with perspective drawing. Perspective is a tool that artists use to create the illusion of depth and distance within a painting or drawing. There are some simple techniques that you can use to add perspective to your drawings.

One of the basics of perspective drawing is that objects that are closer to the viewer appear larger. Look around you and notice how this rule applies to objects in real life as well. That overstuffed couch in the other room looks like it's only a few inches tall from where you're sitting. If you were to get really close up to that couch, it would seem like it's big enough for a giant to stretch out on. When placing objects in your drawing, use this "closer is bigger, farther is smaller" rule.

Get Deep with Perspective Drawing

Another easy way to succeed at perspective drawing is to place objects in front of other objects. If you're drawing a meadow scene, place some boulders in the foreground and background to create the appearance of an expansive field of grass and flowers. Drawing a rabbit poking its head out from behind the tree can add a touch of whimsy to your drawings.

For a more interesting perspective drawing, use atmospheric perspective to create depth in your drawings. The farther something is from you, whether it's buildings or mountains, the lighter they should appear in your drawings. Look outside your window on a foggy morning and you will see atmospheric perspective in action.

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