Written by Joy MacKay
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Welcome to Bible Study Spot! At Bible Study Spot, our heart's desire is to help you gain a personal understanding of the Bible and its text. There are many Bible study tools made specifically for use with your home computer. Even the newest Christian can study the Bible in-depth through the use of Bible software.

Why Study the Bible?

As Christians, the Bible is the roadmap that guides us through this difficult life.
As most of us who have ever attempted self-study of the Bible can attest to, its golden lessons are sometimes clouded by our lack of understanding. Because of this, we can increase our understanding of the Bible by using a variety of translations.

In fact, there are many translations in which you can read the Bible, and a true translation can help your comprehension. While some believers also find paraphrases helpful, these are rewordings of the text, rather than literal translations. Most students of the Bible would rather read the original text translated into English they can understand--and oftentimes, a good software Bible study program will offer you several from which to choose.

As you begin to gain insight into the Bible, you'll begin to see its truth resonate throughout your life. Whether you're studying as a formal Bible College or seminary student, or simply to enhance your daily walk, you will find that the more you know, the more meaningful your life becomes. Of course, our primary source for illumination is God's guidance, but practical study tools can help you ascertain more of what the Bible has to offer you as a Christian.

Quick Bible Reference

Perhaps you are a scholar of the Bible, and would like to conduct a "word study," or see how a particular word is used throughout a particular book or testament. Maybe you simply need help with a particular area of your personal life, and want to see what God's word has to say. Regardless of your need, a quick Bible reference tool can be invaluable.

With a quick Bible reference tool, you can search the entire 66 books of the Bible in a matter of moments. You can search a particular word or phrase and find all of the verses which contain it. In fact, if you are hard-pressed to recall a particular verse, oftentimes just entering a portion of it can quickly give you the reference

Literal Translation Aids

In college, I decided that I wanted to learn more about what the New Testament said in its original tongue. Because of this, I studied Ancient Greek extensively during my university years. However, for most of us, learning an ancient scripture language is not a luxury we can afford, time-wise--and for nearly all of us, learning the three main Bible languages is an improbability.

However, when you look at the original words used in the Bible, you gain insight beyond your limited scope. You begin to see the etymology of words used, and gain insight into a particular phrase. Just like our English words have dictionary definitions that won't give us a feel for use in common conversation, our Bible translations might come close, but not quite give us full illumination. Luckily, if you're interested in reading the Bible in a literal translation of the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic it was written in, Bible software can help guide you through word meanings and typical usage.

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