Bible Character

Written by Joy MacKay
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The study of a Bible character can help us understand better their life account and role in early Christianity. As Christians, we can glean insight from those who first walked with God, and as we study a particular Bible character, we learn more about the God we serve. In fact, by studying the lives of the members of the Early Church, we can learn how to likewise become people of faith and integrity.

For instance, the Bible character of David and the account of his life can offer us numerous lessons. We can learn how he overcame Goliath as a youth, how he forged a deep spiritual bond with Jonathan, and how he worshipped the Lord and embraced his anointing as King of Israel. Furthermore, we can learn from his sin and downfall, and God's ensuing judgment and grace, illustrated in the beautiful Psalm 41.

Learning from the Life of a Bible Character

Furthermore, we can learn from the names of each Bible character and their ensuing literal translations. Using Bible software which takes from the original Greek and Hebrew, we can realize that the disciple Andrew's name means "strong and manly," and how Peter's name meant "piece of the rock." We can also learn the names of God, as given to us in various passages of scripture, from the Old Testament "El Shaddai," meaning "mother's breast" to the constant comfort of "Jehovah Jireh," which indicates God as our ultimate provider.

As you begin to delve into study of a particular Bible character, you can cross reference the passages you analyze. You can learn not only the role of Abraham during his own time, but the significance of his life as the Father of Judaism, and his lineage in the life of Christ. By increasing our knowledge of the characters in the Bible, we can learn more about ourselves and our relation to God as we walk the Christian life.

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