Bible College

Written by Joy MacKay
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In my youth, I knew a plethora of people who would later enter the ministry after graduating from Bible college. In fact, my very own brother simply decided to defer his entry into an Ivy League university so that he could get grounded in biblical texts and their meanings first in Bible college. Whether you are an aspiring minister, or simply someone who wants to know the Bible in a deeper, and more intense way, Bible college might be right for you.

Perhaps you're currently a student in one of the many Bible college institutions across the country. Maybe you are seeking a tool to help give you insight into the texts you are learning through classes. Maybe you're looking for a set of tools that can help you during your time in Bible college, and still be useful thereafter.

Modern Day Bible College Study Aids

I remember when my brother was in Bible College years ago, and I used to help drill him for tests. We would have little to go on other than his class notes, a few textbooks, and flashcards. The road to knowledge was slow-going, and my brother's straight A's were hard earned.

However, now, there are a host of Bible college study tools that you can use during your time preparing for ministry. You can choose from annotated Bibles, QuicKVerse look-ups, and a host of translation software available. Just a single glance on line can show you some of the leading pieces of Bible software that can help you forge your way through Bible college and your ensuing ministry.

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