Bible Commentary

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you're studying the Bible, the use of Bible commentary can help illuminate the passages you read. While classic secular texts have been studied for years by scholars, many commentaries exist on Bible passages, building on years of biblical scholarly study. This means that you can benefit from scholarly opinions and analyses of biblical texts as you read them.

While there are Bibles that you can purchase that include biblical commentary, chances are that you will hardly have room in a single volume for vast commentary. Many books of Bible commentary are sold separately, to be applied as you read the text. In fact, there are several incredibly popular commentaries that have gained popularity and acceptance as reference tools for anyone studying God's Word.

Consolidating Bible Commentary

However, for completely comprehensive commentary, you would have to refer to several volumes compiled by different authors simultaneously. This is not quite feasible most of the time, and in other instances, not highly efficient means of Bible study. You might consider purchasing Bible software that includes commentary to guide you as you study the passages before you.

There is Bible software online that can give you the commentary you want at the touch of a button. No matter which part of the Bible you are reading, you can benefit from the commentary you need and want to further illuminate your reading. Look online for Bible software tools that can offer you the full benefit of bible commentary on any given passage.

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