Bible Companion

Written by Joy MacKay
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In the same manner in which a pastor's sermon helps guide us through the Bible, a Bible companion can also help you deepen your understanding of God's word. When you attempt your daily reading with a Bible companion, you receive clarification, inspiration, and teaching that exceed your solo study. You are able to dig deeper into the Word of God, by reading commentary by biblical scholars and seasoned pastors.

Choosing a Bible Companion

No doubt, you have since discovered that there are plenty of types of Bible companion available for purchase. There are even online tools that can function as a Bible companion, but perhaps you want one that you can carry everywhere, along with your Bible. You want the best commentary, and one that is easily understood, so that you can truly augment your daily devotional time.

One of the most popular types of Bible companion is the Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary. Actually, the Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary was formerly published under the title, The New Bible Companion. This volume offers clear, concise commentary on every passage of the Bible, in its New Living Translation.

The New Living Translation is already one of the most popular and most accessible versions of the Bible in print today. When you combine your Bible study with the Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary, you can take advantage of thematic articles, detailed maps of the Holy Land, and explanations of biblical traditions and themes. You also can benefit from introductions to each Bible book, which pave the way for greater understanding, whether you're a Sunday school teacher, a pastor, or just a private student of God's Word.

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