Bible Concordance

Written by Joy MacKay
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A Bible concordance is a reference tool that groups specific Bible verses according to theme or occurrence. Bible concordances which order verses according to an alphabetical listing of words tend to show verses in order of instance in the Bible. However, because of the length of the Bible itself, and the many words used in each passage, a Bible concordance is usually highly selective in the verses it chooses to list.

Additionally, your average Bible concordance will also be selective in the words it chooses to chronicle instances of. In fact, you will find that in your average edition of the Bible, a typical Bible concordance probably won't exceed 10 pages. In some cases, or in compact Bibles, you might even find that a Bible concordance that length is a rarity.

An Electronic Bible Concordance

You might suppose it would be wonderful if you could locate a Bible concordance that would chronicle every instance of a particular word or theme in the Bible. However, the sheer physical weight of this fully comprehensive Bible concordance would make it difficult to carry around! Because of this, scholars have developed biblical software and online services that can electronically search the Bible for you, recording every single instance of even the most miniscule word.

This type of online or software-based Bible concordance can do wonders for your knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Furthermore, its electronic capacity and memory mean that you can access all of these wonderful references without the need for an oversized Bible. Look online today to take advantage of an electronic Bible dictionary, and increase your resources for locating and understanding Bible verses as you read.

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