Bible Cross Reference

Written by Joy MacKay
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Sometimes, Bible cross reference tools can augment your understanding of a particular passage of the Bible. For instance, many stories in the New Testament are recounted in more than one gospel. By using Bible cross reference tools, you become able to compare biblical passages for similarity and comparison.

Another great use of Bible cross reference tools is biblical prophecy connection. Christ, for instance, fulfilled many prophecies given in the Old Testament by prophets such as Isaiah. By using Bible cross reference tools, you can quickly and easily link prophecy and fulfillment.

If you're looking for scriptures on a particular topic, Bible cross reference tools can also be useful. You can look up a passage on original sin, such as Romans 3:23-24, and then cross reference it with other passages dealing with the same topic. This is a great way to augment a sermon, and a wonderful way to read connected passages of God's Word, for further understanding.

Modern Day Bible Cross Reference

In fact, maybe you have used a cross-referenced Bible before, in your biblical studies. Now, through the use of modern technology, you can instantly cross-reference any verse in the Bible with a simple mouse-click. Look online for great software packages and services that will help you streamline your Bible cross reference endeavors.

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