Bible Devotion

Written by Joy MacKay
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Whether you're seeking online Bible study tools for your ministry, or for your personal Bible devotion time, there are many online tools which can help. The time you spend before the Lord reading His Word is precious, and the more knowledge you have, the more your walk with God deepens. With the right Bible devotion tools, you can increase your understanding of the Bible.

Online Tools for Group Bible Devotion

Over the years, the notion of cell groups or group Bible devotion has become more and more popular. The pervasiveness of these group devotional Bible study cells began strongly in Korea, under the guidance of Reverend Yoongi Cho. Now, there are plenty of online search and reference tools that can help guide your group devotional time.

From online Bible search tools that can help you find the passages you want to hone in on quickly, to online Bible commentaries, these tools can help you take your Bible study to a new level. You can also set up parallel Bible versions, with several different translations and paraphrases lined up side by side for comparison. Furthermore, you can chronicle your notes online, to create your own favorite verse lists, insight notes, and personal commentaries.

For those who would like to delve even deeper during their Bible devotion time, there are online tools that can help you look at original word meanings in Greek or Hebrew. In fact, these tools can also help guide you through your understanding of the scriptures, in keeping with the times in which they were written. Furthermore, you can also find commentary tools that can help you understand the significance of Bible verses in our modern times.

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