Bible Game

Written by Joy MacKay
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Whether you're a children's Sunday school teacher or youth group leader, a good Bible game can help those you instruct learn the Bible in a fun and interactive way. Growing up before the electronic age, I remember playing rousing games of "Bible Basketball" with Bible trivia questions, a wastebasket, and a wad of rolled up paper. Today, the principle of creativity still applies, but the Bible games available are much more captivating and impressive than the games of yesterday.

The Reasoning behind the Bible Game

The Bible is a large publication, with 66 books contained within it. Especially for the younger crowds, this can be an overwhelming amount of knowledge to absorb. Hence, Sunday school meetings and youth group gatherings become venues where kids can absorb the Bible's content and message in metered and digestible form.

One of the most memorable ways to impart the Word of God is by encouraging the kids to play a Bible game. Nowadays there are many activities and Bible games available for purchase online. These can act as wonderful ways to create a healthy desire in kids and youth to learn more of the Bible's content.

When we used to gather in that small classroom to play our Bible Basketball games, the object of the game became Bible knowledge. Hence the children who really delved into the Word of God became the most-wanted team players, helping encourage everyone to share their Bible knowledge. Today's tools are even more effective in helping to impart the wisdom of the Bible to your youth group or Sunday school class.

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