Bible Online

Written by Joy MacKay
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If you're looking for resources with which you can study the Bible online, you're in luck. There are plenty of Bible study aids online which can help you as you begin to study the Bible more in-depth. Whether you're conducting independent study, preparing for a cell group, or creating sermons of your own, you can benefit greatly from sites that offer the Bible online.

Features of Bible Online Programs

Many of us are familiar with the classic thumbtabs available for easy turning to Bible books. However, imagine if all you had to do was enter the chapter and verse you wanted to read, and it instantly appeared before you? In fact, what if you could then read that passage in any translation you desired?

To perpetuate your Bible knowledge, imagine that once these texts were instantly displayed, you could go ahead and cross-reference them. Maybe you could even read commentaries from biblical scholars on that particular text or doctrinal issue. Best of all, you could even look up any word you chose in the original Greek or Hebrew.

These possibilities have now become sheer realities with programs that help you look at the Bible online. There are even offline versions for when you're not instantly on the Internet. Look at a recommended website for retailers of some of the excellent Bible online programs.

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