Bible Online Reference

Written by Joy MacKay
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When I was in college, I discovered Bible online reference tools. I had grown up in the church, and understood that there were a limited amount of commentaries and biblical study aids available to the average Christian. However, once I began to look at Bible online reference tools, I found that a wealth of information about God's Word was literally at my fingertips.

Learning from Bible Online Reference Tools

Perhaps one of the most useful Bible online reference tools I found was the quick searches for verses. I could enter a single word, phrase, or theme, and quickly find the Bible verse I needed. Best of all, I could even narrow my search down to a particular book of the Bible, or part of a book, in order to find my verse that much more quickly.

Nowadays, Bible online reference tools have become even more advanced. You can search commentaries, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, and even cross-reference verses. Some online services even offer tools like Bible reading guides and personal notes sections, to help you with your daily devotional readings.

The Bible is God's living Word to us as believers. As such, we want to delve into it as much as possible, and augment our understanding. By using Bible online reference tools, you can glean more information and wisdom from God's Word than you ever have before.

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