Bible Prophecy

Written by Joy MacKay
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Bible prophecy is a term used for the passages of scripture which have a prophetic nature in them. These were often, but not exclusively, written by prophets of God who foretold the immediate or distant future. Because of this, Bible prophecy has two purposes--one to help us link foretelling and fulfillment for theological and doctrinal purposes, and second, to help give us a sense of the world and events to come.

Types of Bible Prophecy

Probably the most famous book of Bible prophecy is the Book of the Revelation. This book, the last book usually listed in the Holy Bible, was written by John during his exile to the Isle of Patmos. Sent there preceding his execution by orders of Roman Emperor Nero, John chronicled the vision he received from God of the Last Days experienced by Christians and infidels on Earth.

Other Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled. Jesus Himself fulfilled much Bible prophecy, including the passages fulfilled by His birth in Isaiah 51. However, other books of Bible prophecy were delivered by Old Testament prophets to the people of Israel, and fulfilled relatively soon thereafter.

Because of the cryptic nature of most Bible prophecy, it might be easier to study these passages with a guide of sorts. Whether you decide to turn to online commentary, or simply a Bible dictionary for help, there are plenty of tools which can make deciphering Bible prophecy much easier. Look online today for valuable tools to help you navigate through the books of Bible prophecy.

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