Bible Question

Written by Joy MacKay
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Perhaps you have found yourself wrestling with a particular Bible question. While, as Christians, our belief system works primarily on faith, a fervent student of God's Word will still find themselves dealing with a particular Bible question from time to time. As the Bible promises in the book of Matthew,
those who seek diligently shall surely find these answers.

Bible Question Answers for Pastors

This need for answers to Bible questions is only augmented for those in ministry. You are looked to as a source of spiritual and biblical guidance by your members of your congregation. Hence, you need a way to find the answers to any given Bible question, in a timely manner.

The more quickly and appropriately that you can find these answers to biblical questions, the more people you can serve. This can lead to higher effectiveness of ministry, ultimately. Luckily, there are plenty of software and online tools that can help you quickly find the answer to virtually any Bible question your parishoners might have.

Through the use of commentary, quick Bible searches, and other biblical aids, you can offer more than just a quick answer to a Bible question. You can give additional scriptures for parishoners to read, and search out the truth for themselves. You can also direct them towards the Bible answers most accepted as truth by your particular denomination, in hopes of leading them into the direction of knowledge and discovery.

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