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Written by Joy MacKay
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We all have our favorite Bible quote--that one scripture that becomes our comfort, life goal, or encouragement as we traverse through life. In fact, many of us find that there is more than one Bible quote that becomes meaningful to us. Because of this, we oftentimes strive to commit as many Bible quotes to memory as we possibly can.

Easily Locating a Bible Quote

However, for most of us without photographic memories, there are only so many Bible quotes which we can absorb. We find ourselves consequently unable to find the passage we want to reread when we most need it. In fact, sometimes we want to pass along a scripture of encouragement to others, and we encounter difficulty locating it once more.

The easiest way to find a Bible quote when you need it is to use an electronic Bible. Whether accessed online or on your home personal computer, you can search by both keyword and scripture reference. This enables you to quickly locate whichever Bible quote you need in a matter of moments.

Whether you're preparing a sermon to give before a congregation, or simply looking for a verse with which to edify yourself, you can use these Bible quote tools easily and quickly. This means less time spent hunting down a particular verse or Bible passage. Ultimately, that means more time spent exploring the Bible, and less time aimlessly flipping through its pages.

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