Bible Reading Plan

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you are looking to develop a discipline of reading God's Word daily, you might consider developing a Bible reading plan. This can provide you with a steady course of study as you read the scripture, enabling you to glean wisdom from its verses. Whether you're looking to read a chapter a day, or a selection of verses, a Bible reading plan is a wonderful way to guide you through God's Word.

Following a Directed Bible Reading Plan

While you could certainly develop your own course of study of God's Word, sometimes it is best to follow plans developed by biblical scholars and pastors. We've all, no doubt, tried choosing a book of the Bible to read through, and found our discipline waning. In fact, one of my most unsuccessful attempts at daily reading began with the idea that I would simply start at Genesis and read five chapters each day.

What invariably kept happening is that I would find myself reading a chapter of the book of Numbers, for instance, feeling uninspired and confused. I forgot that in order for me to benefit from a Bible reading plan, it had to have a purpose. God could truly use any scripture to speak wisdom into my life, but I found that when following a Bible reading plan, the less haphazard it was, the better.

Online Bible services often allow you to follow a specific Bible reading plan to help guide you through the Bible. In fact, you can even read daily commentary on the passages which you begin to absorb. Look online for a Bible reading plan developed and outlined by scholars and pastors, and deepen the impact of your daily Bible reading.

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