Bible Reference

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you're looking for Bible reference tools, you can certainly find programs that will cost you a bundle. In fact, there are Bible reference tools so comprehensive, that even a biblical scholar would have trouble using them. However, to counterbalance all of these complex and obscure Bible reference tools, there are simple and effective Bible reference tools and programs that can help you deepen your study of the Bible.

For instance, there are tools that can let you look out the literal translation for just about any word contained in the Bible. In fact, you can even look at the literal meaning of names of biblical characters. You can also examine commentary written by the leading Bible scholars worldwide, to augment your understanding and knowledge-base as you read the Bible.

Computerized Bible Reference Tools

One of the reasons that I enjoy the online services and computer programs that I have come to use as Bible reference tools is that they are so versatile. I can use the same service oftentimes, for six different Bible reference functions. Furthermore, they travel extremely well, eliminating the need to take several bulky volumes with me wherever I go.

Best of all, when I am asked to share at a conference or special meeting, I can simply bring my laptop computer and, at most, a single software CD. With the tools made available to me, I can use sermon outlines, find sermon illustrations, and even do research of my own. Look online to find a host of computer-based Bible reference tools that can help you both in your personal and public walk with God.

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