Bible Scripture

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you begin to study Bible scripture, each word is like food for your soul. As you begin to mature in your spiritual walk, Bible scripture likewise becomes the staple of your spiritual nourishment. The more deeply you understand the words, parables, and stories contained within the Bible's testaments, the more insight you gain into spiritual things.

A Personal Study of Bible Scripture

Raised in the church myself, I first began to study Bible scripture as a small child. After a while, I began to thirst for deeper Bible knowledge that went beyond the surface lessons. By the time I began studying at a university, I wanted to learn to study the New Testament in its original Greek language, and began to take courses in the ancient tongue.

Even after reading the New Testament in Greek, I humbly realize that there is still so much to learn about Bible scripture. In my quest for deeper knowledge of the Bible, I began to explore new Bible study tools based on modern technology. I found that there were biblical study tools that could search Bible scripture for specific phrases and themes in an instant, helping to streamline my word studies and scholarly quests.

Moreover, I also encountered Bible study tools that offered me the benefits of scholarly commentary and transliterary tools. These have become integral parts of my current Bible study, as they shed further light on the Bible scripture that I examine. With the integration of these tools into my daily devotions and scholarly endeavors, I am now able to take my scripture reading to the next level, illumined by the historical and doctrinal knowledge made available to me.

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