Bible Search

Written by Joy MacKay
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When was the last time that you conducted a Bible search in a timely manner? For most of us, a Bible search begins with either a trip through our Bible's concordance, or an aimless search through the pages of the main text. We can't seem to ever quite remember exactly where the passage we desire is found, and a Bible search can take some time by hand.

Because of the frequency of this problem for believers, online and software-based Bible search tools have been created. You can purchase a Bible search tool or service for a minimal cost, which will allow you to instantly find the Bible passages you need, whenever you desire. Best of all, these tools often work hand-in-hand with theme-based search capabilities, as well as biblical commentaries and translations.

Uses for a Bible Search

By using a Bible search, you can not only increase your own personal knowledge of the Bible, but you can also augment your ministry. When someone comes
to you with a question or issue and needs biblical advice, you can offer them answers in a matter of minutes. Best of all, you can conduct a Bible search with keywords, to quickly find a Bible story or passage that you would like to read or share.

For ministers or church leaders, a Bible search is an invaluable tool to help you locate Bible verses for sermons or to include in church publications. For the layperson, a Bible search can help you share your faith with others, or strengthen your own. For the biblical scholar, a Bible search becomes an invaluable tool with which you can expand upon your scholarly papers, integrate commentary, and cross-reference the scriptures you are studying.

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