Bible Story

Written by Joy MacKay
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I still remember one the first Bible story I learned as a small child. My Sunday School teacher began to tell us the Bible story of David and Goliath, an against-all-odds victory of a humble shepherd in his youth as he battled a giant Philistine, armed with only a single simple slingshot. I sit down with my young son now, and tell him this Bible story, read straight from the Holy Bible.

Digging Deeper into a Bible Story

How many times have you wanted to relate a Bible story to a friend, but found yourself growing a little hazy on the story's details?
Maybe you've been looking to find the actual passage within your Bible, only leaving you searching aimlessly to no avail? While a concordance will only get you so far, there are computer tools you can use which will help you locate any Bible story within a matter of minutes.

This can be particularly useful when you're attempting to share your faith. You no longer have to hunt aimlessly through various books of the Bible trying to locate the Bible story you wish to share. Best of all, once you do locate the Bible story, you will have countless tools at your disposal to increase the knowledge you have to share.

For instance, if you have a particular Bible story you wish to share with someone, you might not be fully aware of the historical significance of the story. At times, external circumstances can heighten the drama of a particular Bible story, or explain the surrounding culture. Look online for biblical tools that can help enhance both your comprehension and retelling of Bible stories that carry meaning for you and those you speak with.

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