Bible Study

Written by Joy MacKay
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Bible study is one of the foundations of your Christian walk. In fact, it is through Bible study that we discover God's truths for ourselves--not just in the general sense, but in situations where we specifically need to hear God's voice. Bible study is one of the means we have of learning what God has to say about our specific problems and issues.

After the painful death of her daughter, my mother began to turn to the scriptures for inspiration. Time and again, God illuminated his scripture to her, as she began to have her every question about life, death, and tragedy answered in the pages of the Bible. Each day, she received an answer from the Lord through her study of His word--and I suspect that had she only heard these things through a minister, it would not have had quite the weight it did when she mined the truth out on her own.

Tools for Bible Study

During this period, my mother did not have too many tools for her personal Bible study. She had a parallel Bible that she could use to read two translations of each passage--one in King James Version, and another in the more palatable Living Bible paraphrase. Beyond her Bible's concordance, there were not many tools for her to utilize to augment her study of the Bible.

Nowadays, the possiblities for Bible study tools are endless. There are some excellent software tools for your computer which can help point you towards scriptures, historical contexts, and biblical commentaries when you need them. Just as my mother found comfort in the parallel study Bible, you can find your comfort and truth with the help of a suite of Bible study software.

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